Assignment of JOUR 5260

Monday, January 19, 2004

Codes of Online Sexuality: Celebrity, Gender and Marketing on the Web
I thought this study was very relevant to conduct considering the ever growing references to sexuality when dealing with celebrities. It seems that celebrities are trying to outdo each other in wearing the least amount of clothing or the most revealing in public. The study does show that it depends on the type of celebiry as well. I did find it somewhat suprising that the official websites of some of the celebrities, such as musicians, were coded as being pretty toned down in terms of appearence. It was no suprise however to find fan sites to be more revealing in their content and that women were sexually shown than men were on their websites and fansites. I beleive this study could be further researched by looking at other celebrities. Overall I thought it was a well conducted study and the results were not all that suprising.

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